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Forest School Leader Corner: Listen, Read, Watch [November 2021]

Has winter arrived properly where you are? We’ve got our hats, gloves and warm clothes at the ready. Here’s what we’ve been reading, watching and listening to this month.


Children of the Forest has a podcast about their very active forest school and their experiences. There is some swearing so it is probably NSFW. Gemma and Lewis are full of humor and advice.

Their most recent podcast is about CPD. Very enlightening and helpful information to have right now.


The Forest School Association has a really great article on the Autistic Play at Forest School 

 Forest School practitioner and trainer in Italy, Stefania Donzelli, provides a great insight into how we can understand better the play characteristics of autistic play.


Forest School Lou held a Forest School Q & A. We’ve queued it up to watch because this session explored how to communicate effectively with helpers and managers, as well as tips for starting out as a new Forest School leader, ideas for play resources on a school grounds site and nature connection.

Hope you enjoy this month’s roundup. Have a suggestion for a future one? Leave it in the comments.

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