For school interventions and outdoor learning days, please contact us at:

jon [at] thepracticalforestschool [dot] com

or via our Facebook page

For website enquiries or club bookings, please contact us at:

[email protected]

We’ll do our best to get back to you within 48 hours (Monday to Friday).

We’re a Limited Company, Otobos Consultants Ltd, trading as The Practical Forest School and we operate forest schools in Horsham, West Sussex and sometimes a little further afield!

Registered address

Otobos Consultants Ltd
62a Highgate High Street
London, N6 5HX


Do you accept guest posts?

Sometimes! Please get in touch and let us know your forest school or outdoor learning credentials and the topic you would like to write about.

Can you contribute an article to my site?

Probably! We love sharing what we know and we have a huge archive of photos and topic ideas that haven’t yet made it on to this site — perhaps some of those would be a good fit for you? Please get in touch and let’s work on something together!

Can I link to your forest school survey research results?

Yes, please do! You can find the survey results here.

How can I support The Practical Forest School?

You’ve probably noticed that we run ads on the blog, and the proceeds from those go to helping keeping the site running. It would be great if you could click around and visit a few pages while you are here! Otherwise, we have a couple of low-cost products you could buy if you want to directly help financially. For example, our forest school planner and our knots training.