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Forest Magic (Book Review)

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Forest Magic is a beautifully illustrated guide to the forest for small people by Sarah Grindler (Nimbus Publishing, 2021). It’s a non-fiction journey that has a story feel to it. 

If your little ones love being outdoors (or you’d like them to love it as much as you) then this is a great book choice.

It’s picture book short, but rich with forest facts on every page. You’ll learn about different leaves and wildflowers, mushrooms and moss. Take it out with you and see what you can spot!

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I particularly liked the section on what is safe to touch and what isn’t; it’s continually useful to reinforce these messages! 

For forest school leaders, this would be a good one to read if you bring children together for stories at any point. Then send them out looking for the wildlife and nature in the book. 

However, it is a Canadian book, and it does not fully translate to a U.K. woodland. For example, I wouldn’t be comfortable telling children that the fluffy caterpillars are OK to touch, as over here those ones tend to be the irritants. While a lot of the flora translates, my forest school groups will never see a skunk. So just bear that in mind — nature is different everywhere and that’s what makes it wonderful.

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Learn more about this beautifully illustrated guide to the forest for small people. Packed with facts about the world outside, it’s a great read for taking outdoors.

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