Review guidelines

We know that forest school and outdoor learning are as close to your heart as they are to ours, so we take our commitment to reviewing products seriously.

What you can expect

We review books and other products relevant to outdoor educators and forest school leaders.

We recommend products that are practical and affordable. We look at durability, safety, user reviews, our own experience and that of our community. We only recommend premium products where it is definitely worth it. We know how tight budgets are!

We stay connected to the forest school community so we know what’s trending, what’s a challenge and what issues you can expect.

We know that people are at different points in their careers, so when we are reviewing products, we take into account the relevant audience, even if that isn’t us.

We review books for readability, author experience, and how we could use the text within a session for children.

We only review products from reputable companies. We take ethical and sustainability practices into account, as well as the forest school principles — although we acknowledge that many of our readers are outdoor education TAs or parents, so we welcome those audiences as well.

We keep current educational best practice in mind, as well as staying up to date with news from the Forest School Association. We are active in the community locally and through our mailing list, further afield!

We’ll always be honest with our reviews. You can expect impartial, practical, helpful reviews from experienced professionals.

What we don’t do

We don’t publish unmarked sponsored content. We will always disclose if an article or a review is part of a paid promotion or sponsorship.

We will not promote products that are unsafe for use with children.