Kingslea Fireworks Night 2021

The Kingslea annual Fireworks night is back!

On Thursday 4th November, 5:30–7:30pm.

Jon will be at Kingslea Fireworks Night manning the stall for toasted marshmallows! Come and join him around the fire and get your bonfire snacks.

Organised by KLASS, the Kingslea PTA, this year there will be a quiet display at 6:15pm, before the main firework display at 7pm.

There will also be hot food and drinks from the BBQ, plus a bar, cake/refreshments stand.

The PTA will be selling off the remaining stock of glowing toys, but in an effort to reduce the impact on the planet, they haven’t got any new supplies in, so expect there to only be a limited quantity. What a great example of sustainability in action: we support their choices to limit the distribution of plastic toys, because – let’s face it – we all know they end up broken and in the bin within a short time.

If you are coming along, please dig out your children’s flashing toys from previous years or bring torches to help light up the night!

See you there! Find out more and book tickets here:

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