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Forest School Planner: Get Organised!

I’ve been wanting to share this with you but it’s taken ages to put together in a format that I think makes it useful for other people.

We’ve been using a PDF forest school planner for sessions, student lists, to do lists, notes, reflections on professional development and more.

It’s a simple way of effectively planning a range of forest school and outdoor learning activities.

Each time we needed a new template, list, big picture view or detailed planning page, I added a new sheet. Now it’s up to 29 pages and I thought you might get some benefit from it as well.

It’s perfect for outdoor learning TAs, forest school leaders, outdoor educators, teachers and I would say, also relevant for youth groups like Guides and Scouts. Those group leaders also need to be able to plan their activities.

We have a lot of freebies on our website, and to offset the costs of running the website and our email software, we are charging a small amount for it. It’s £3, so for about the cost of a pumpkin spice latte (I haven’t had one of those for some time now I’m not commuting to London), you can get yourself organised and ready for next term.

I know we’re mid-term and it might feel like it’s too late, but there’s still time to turn those sticky notes into something organised before the holidays. And once you’ve got it, because it’s digital, you can print it every term or save a new electronic version with a different filename and it will do you forever. I hope!

Check it out here:

Forest School digital planner

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